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Wilson's War: The Breaking Point

Nick Spencer is still on target with his choices of topics. This time, the new Captain America comic focuses on the break between Sam and Steve that involves the Whisper, an Edward Snowden type, as told through flashbacks. The immigrant story from the first issue is also still in the forefront of the action, and repercussions from some of Sam's previous actions come stream-rolling back. 

Before we get into spoilers, I will tell you that this is a great issue and continues to focus on timely topics. Hopefully this issue generates conversation between you and your fellow geeks.


All right! Let's get to the skinny of the issue. There are numerous reviews about the action pieces in the comic and the style. My focus is more on what appeals to me as an African American vet that has fought for good old USA. The fact is that I can see myself in Sam. This was all summed up in one particular panel at the moment that broke Sam and Steve, the moment that ruptured a friendship.

A little setting for those that have not read the issue. The Whisper leaked a load of S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets, one being they were trying to collect the shards of a cosmic cube (reality altering device . . . yay, comics!) and could rewrite people, places and parts of reality. Once the press got a hold of that information, a scandal erupted. It was nice to see both of our Caps (current and former) agree that the device's amount of power should never exist and should be destroyed. 

The moment happened after all of that, and after Maria Hill (head of S.H.I.E.L.D.) issued a manhunt on the Whisper, and implied that it would not be a fair trail and the Hacktivist may not make it back alive. That set the stage for the big moment, the nail in the coffin that made it clear that I will be buying every issue of this comic as they are released.

Sam and Steve are in the hall. Sam says that Hill wants to settle her grudge, and Steve says that he supports the actions of the Whisper but he needs to stand trial for his actions, the same as he did himself for going against the government with regard to the Superhuman Registration Act. Sam's follow up notes that this person is not Captain America. Steve says he will testify in the Whisper's favor. And here comes the moment!!!

Sam ask a very simple question. "Steve, do you think the Whisper will receive a fair trial?" Steve's response: "I HAVE to believe that." Sam realizes that even through they have been unbelievably close, and he would give his life for Steve, and once would have followed him to the very gates of oblivion . . . despite all of that . . . both men have ALWAYS been miles apart. For one simple reason: Steve believes in his heart of hearts, that when the big game is on the line, his country will do the right thing. While Sam, a black man that has lived in America under the legacy of slavery, racism, Jim Crow, redlining, policy brutality (and on and on), he realizes that in his heart of hearts, he can only HOPE his country will do the right thing. 

In that simple exchange, Nick Spencer, has summed up white privilege in an accessible and easy-to-swallow pill. We all want our country to do the right thing and that is why we fight. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson is more than the comic we deserve, but definitely the comic we need!

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