Darker Hue Studios

Scoring a critical hit for diversity by creating a more inclusive world of geekdom one game at a time.

Darker Hue Studios is an independent company aimed at increasing the level of diversity in gaming and geekdom through building community, developing new material, and promoting inclusion within the existing gaming industry.

Body of Work 


2018 Gold ENnie Award for Best Writing

2018 Gold ENnie Award for Best Setting 

2018 Gold ENnie Award for Best Art, Cover

2018 Indie Groundbreaker Award for Groundbreaking Supplement


Harlem Unbound (Corebook and Supplement) [Darker Hue Studios]

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set: Dead Man Stomp (Scenario) [Chaosium]

Cthulhu Confidential (Corebook) [Pelgrane Press]

Cthulhu Confidential: Even Death Can Die (Scenario book) [Pelgrane Press] 

Cthulhu ConfidentialOne for the Money (Scenario) [Pelgrane Press]

Cthulhu ConfidentialShadow Over Washington (Scenario) [Pelgrane Press]

Cthulhu Confidential: Preacher Man Blues (Scenario) [Pelgrane Press]

Out of the Woods: Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow for 30 Dollars (Supplement) [Pelgrane Press]

7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fire (Sourcebook) [John Wick/Chaosium]

Scion 2nd Edition: Origins (Corebook) [Onyx Path]

Scion 2nd Edition: Hero (Corebook) [Onyx Path]

Geist 2nd Edition (Corebook) [Onyx Path]

Vampire: The Requiem: Thousand Years of Night (Supplement) [Onyx Path]

Vampire 5th Edition: Chicago By Night (Supplement) [White Wolf]

MYTHIC D6: Adventure Anthology: Questionable Truths (Scenario) [Khepera Publishing]

Cthulhu Dark: The Whole is Greater . . . and 1918 Paris (Scenario) 

City of MistIndependence (District) [Son of Oak]


Harlem Unbound (Corebook and Sourcebook) [Darker Hue Studios]

Line/Game Developer

Scion 2nd Edition: Masks of the Mythos (Sourcebook) [Onyx Path]

Harlem Unbound Second Edition (Supplement) [Darker Hue Studios/Chaosium]

Sensitivity Consultant:  

Masks of Nyarlathotep: Harlem, NY (Campaign/Supplement) [Chaosium] 


2019 Summer Institute [Johnson C. Smith University]  


Writer/Publisher - Haunted West (Corebook) [Darker Hue Studios]

Writer - Title to be announced [Paizo]

Writer -  Title to be announced [Chaosium]

Writer/Line Editor - Title to be announced [Chaosium]  

Writer - Title to be announced 

Writer - Title to be announced 

Writer - Come Out Fighting (Godlike) [Arc Dream]


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