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Fear and Reality

I am afraid. 

Another police "incident" occurred today, after the one from yesterday, and after the now-countless others. 

I am afraid to step out of my door, to think that I may never see my family, to think of Zora growing up without a father, or to think of Jill living without a husband. 

I am afraid this epidemic of systemic violence and executions won't stop and will continue to go unpunished. That each death is "justified." 

I am afraid that in a couple of days people will forgot these two men were killed in cold blood by those sworn to protect them. 

I am afraid that the world, that we are not doing enough to try to change this. We accept it as a daily part of our lives and move on. We watch those who protest get dismissed as rioters and criminals when they are really people of color trying to promote civil rights. When the people who are standing up for our community are disregarded, how do we stand up and be heard?

I am afraid for my child growing up in this world.

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