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RPG Fridays: Test Your Might!

This is less of a blog post and more of dream I bring to you. Gather round, players . . . 

Much akin to Lu Kang batting for the Earth Realm, I am looking for a real test of my GM abilities and improvisational skills. One of my GenCon sessions that had to start 30 minutes late was a nice dipping-of-the-toe into improvising, but it was not a true test. I would love for a couple of my players to randomly pick or purposefully choose a RPG from my endless collection, which ranges from Everway to Unknown Armies to Traveller, and give me three words. Just three words that give me a basis to run an entire session right then. No prep. No warning. Just skill and skill alone.

So . . . I challenge you, my fellow GMs, to ask your players do this. And to the players in my games, the gauntlet has been thrown.


Until then, even with project deadlines mounting. I plan to find a couple of hours to play Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Cheers! Game on!

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