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Scoring a critical hit for diversity by creating a more inclusive world of geekdom one game at a time.

Darker Hue Studios is an independent company aimed at increasing the level of diversity in gaming and geekdom through building community, developing new material, and promoting inclusion within the existing gaming industry.

A Historical-Fiction, Weird-Western, Spaghetti-Action Game


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Set after the Civil War, the world of the Haunted West is a grim place of untold horror, the supernatural, sights that shatter even the toughest gunslinger, and wonders beyond description. This role-playing game (RPG) corebook will showcase, the Old West, the new frontier of America, with her people arriving from every corner of the globe seeking fortune, fame, and a moment in the sun. Haunted West will explore the history, tell the tales of the forgotten, and show the weird West through new eyes.

Haunted West is a role-playing game inspired by real-life icons such as Bass Reeves, Cathay Williams, Nat Love, Kate Warne, Jerome Crow Dog, John Henry Holliday, and Fee Lee Wong. It will be crafted in the vein of works by Robert E. Howard, Gemma Files, Elmore Leonard, and Alex Haley, and draw inspiration from High Noon, Deadwood, Firefly, and The Man with No Name Trilogy. In the same way that Harlem Unbound features people of color as protagonists, this book will highlight the people of color who are often overlooked in stories about the Old West.

Haunted West is an original weird West RPG by Darker Hue Studios. The game will use a new system created by a posse of talented creatives, both new and old.

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Keep your hats pulled low and your six shooters on the ready. We are in for a wild ride, and Vampire Gulch is just up the pass.

Head ’em up, move ’em out.

Chris Spivey

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