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RPG: Shadows Descent on The Hurston

  • GenCon Indianapolis, Indiana (map)

Game ID:  RPG1568923/ RPG1568924/ RPG1568925
Times: Jul 30 - Aug 1 12:00:00 (PM)
Duration: 4 Hours
Game Title: You Too Can Cthulhu - Black Letter - Shadows Descent on The Hurston
System: Call of Cthulhu, 7th Edition

Description: Description: Major corporations battle against each other and the weakened world government as a lone mining station circling Mars, unbeknownst to those aboard, stands as the only salvation of earth. Ancient shadows stir, as pawns call on their dark masters to rise. Will the dark masters rise to destroy them or will Earth's power struggle destroy them before they can save us all?

Earlier Event: July 30
RPG: Shadows Descent on The Hurston
Later Event: August 1
RPG: Shadows Descent on The Hurston

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