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Digital Copy: Harlem Unbound


Digital Copy: Harlem Unbound


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2018 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming Nominee

2018 Gold ENnie for Best Cover Art, Best Setting, Best Writing

2018 ENnie Nominee for Best Rules, Product of the Year

2018 Indie Groundbreaker Award for Groundbreaking Supplement

2018 Indie Groundbreaker Nominee for Best Setting

Launched originally on Kickstarter, Harlem Unbound is a unique RPG sourcebook that takes players into the exciting world of the Harlem Renaissance at its height, to face terrifying horrors from the Lovecraftian Mythos. This groundbreaking tome gives Keepers and players everything they need to bring this unique place and time to life, and engage with the people who gave it its soul. Your order includes the approximately 300-page digital edition of the book. 

Harlem Unbound is compatible with multiple systems, with options for investigating the Mythos on New York’s jazz-soaked streets using either Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG or any of the several GUMSHOE-powered investigative RPGs by Pelgrane Press. 

This sourcebook flips the standard Lovecraftian view of minorities on its head, putting them in the role of heroes who must struggle against cosmic horrors while also fighting for a chance at equality. By default, the protagonists of Harlem Unbound are African American, not white (which is the standard assumption found in Lovecraftian fiction). Our heroes and heroines come from all walks of life with regard to class, ethnicity, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

The heart of the Renaissance was a revolution aimed at changing the world through art, ideas, and the written word. It was a uniquely powerful movement against the unjust status quo, a time in history that still inspires today. The history, people and stories in this book shine the spotlight on the people of Harlem, their successes and their struggles.


From Gnome Stew: "You NEED to check out Harlem Unbound – it’s a brilliant game and a brilliant discussion about running games."

From Reckoning of the Dead: "We don’t give numbered review scores on this site, but if we did, Harlem Unbound would receive a close-to-perfect rating. I don’t make unqualified pronouncements often, but I’ll make one here: Buy it."

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Look for Version 2 from Chaosium later this year. Join the Preview List!

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